Right Solution for K12 Students

“I thought that the presentation was very helpful.  I learned the basics of the SAT, SAT II, and AP Exams that are going to help me map out my study tactics for this year.  Thanks!”

Annette Q., High School Junior

“Bright in Seattle really expanded my knowledge on how the SAT works and how I can improve my scores.  After taking sessions with the tutors, the correct answer choices on the tests became much easier to [identify]!  Additionally, I enjoyed learning in the small group/one-on-one settings.  Compared to when I was in large group settings, I was able to get more effective feedback and tips from the tutors, which made the experience at Bright in Seattle well worth it.”

Janice K., High School Junior

“Bright in Seattle helped me write better essays and provided me with variety of college information when I was applying for colleges. I was able to get great advice from this program. I am thankful for the good result obtained from this academy.”

Ellen L., Ivy League Student (New York)

“Bright in Seattle has helped me tremendously in preparation for college. Because of Bright in Seattle’s top-notch tutors, I was able to find great success in both high school and standardized testing. Additionally, I learned valuable information about the college admission process that significantly increased my chances of being admitted to my top-choice college. There really is no other program that has a better bang for your buck.” 

Kevin S., Ivy League Student (Pennsylvania)


Top Quality Instructor:   We guarantee that all instructors either come from leading private colleges in America or from well-known state universities with very high GPAs.  We also carefully choose those who demonstrate excellence in the subjects they teach.  This promises that the education the student is receiving is most likely to show results.

Multiple Pairs of Eyes for Academic Consulting: To minimize biases, at least two top school grads review every consulting case.

One-on-One Tutorial Focus:  We know every student learns differently and take personal and consultative approaches.  We form a small group only because we would like to help parents lower tuition rates.